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About Font Viewer

Font Viewer is a simple program to view TrueType and OpenType fonts on your computer. This program was made for people who design things and would like to see what a particular piece of text would look like in many font styles. By opening or pasting a photo into the program, you can use Font Viewer to easily look for a font that matches your image without having to have two separate programs open and switching back and forth. It is very easy to use.

Main Features

  • Open & Save Project Setting Files
  • Reset Default Settings Option
  • Save Customized Text Characters in Dropdown List
  • Save Opened/Pasted Images As Image Files
  • Insert Pangrams (4 versions) into Text Box
  • Change Font sizes on Font List
  • Change colors of fonts, hightlights and background
  • Save application settings (font settings, window settings) automatically
  • View your own custom text in all font styles
  • Resizable Splitter Windows
  • Preview and Export a Font to RTF File
  • Ascii Key Codes and Insert Key Codes
  • Cut, Copy & Paste Images into Image window

Font Window

Font List

The font window displays the font styles and custom text you save or imput. The first dropdown changes the size of the fonts. The 3 color buttons are (in order) the Font Color, Font Hightlight and Font List background color. In the text box, you can enter any text you want, or insert text from the "Custom Text Characters" window (more below).

Font Viewer comes with 4 versions of the popular Pangram that reads; "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over A Lazy Dog." Just click on any of the 4 options on the menu. Click on the default text will insert sample text that displayed when you first ran Font Viewer.

NOTE: When you change any font size, color or custom text... the font window will update automatically. You can also insert (by double-clicking) ASCII characters into the text field (see below).

Preview/Export To RTF Window

Preview - Export Window

The Preview/Export To RTF window allows you to view a font with all ASCII characters. This window also allows you to export everything you see in the editor window to an RTF file. To access this window you must select a font first then either click on the main 'File' menu or to right click on a font and select the popup menu. You can also access this window by double clicking on a font.

Preview - Export Window

The rtf/export window is resizable. You can edit the text in the window and even cut, copy and paste text and images into the editor. To export to RTF, just click the Export button (1st button on right). To Change (Zoom) the font size, just click the two zoom buttons.

NOTE: If you insert text or images from external sources, zooming will effect different parts of the text. This is normal behavior for RTF formats. Because this is not a word processor, you have limited functionality. This window is just for basic saving of font details. Also, since standard RTF formats cannot save background colors, this window only displays black fonts with white background.

Custom Text Box/Dropdown List

Font List

Font Viewer allows you to either enter random text in the text box/dropdown list or insert them from a pre-defined list that you create in a separate window. When you change custom text... the font window will update automatically. If you enter random text in the text box, it is not saved in the dropdown portion of the list. See below on setting up your custom text.

Font List

To setup your own Custom Text Characters, simply click on the "..." button on the right of the dropdown list (or through settings menu). In the window you can easily add or delete your custom text that you want to save. When you click the "Save" button the list will be saved and updated on the main window.

NOTE: To insert an already created Custom Text, just simply double-click on the item in the list. The window will close and replace the custom text on the main window.

Image Window

Image Window

The image window allows you to import and paste an image (bmp, gif, jpg, png, tiff) into the scrollable image window. There are menu commands for this window and also there are three buttons (import, paste and save as) on the left. You can also save an image as another file name (bmp, jpg, png, tiff).

You would use this window for the times you have a font on an image and you want to manually try to find a font that matches. This image window is scrollable and also has a splitter bar to adjust the height of the window.


The ASCII Character Sidebar

The ASCII Character Sidebar has two purposes; 1) To figure out the ascii keycode, 2) Insert an ascii character into the textbox on top of the main window (custom text).

Most all Windows programs can use Ascii Key Codes. You retrieve these key codes by pressing ALT+0+KEYCODE on your keyboard. You can use this program to get the Key Code and type it (using special keys) into your application.

To Use: Simply find the character you want from the list on the right window. Either select it to display the Key Code number (bottom right corner); or just double-click on the character to insert it into the custom text field on the very top of the main window. When you double-click on a ascii character, be sure to place your cursor (and click) in the custom text field where you want the character to be placed. If you don't select first, the text will go the the start.

Tech Support

If you have any problems with our software, please contact us and let us know. We have limitations on our support for questions on how to use the software; we may or may not respond to those questions.

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